Easter Bunny, like the Belsnickle, owes American roots to the Pa. Dutch

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

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Location of Wawa convenience stores on the east coast [644x704]

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Pennsylvania Senate Passes Cash Gift Ban | PoliticsPA

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View of Downtown from Grandview Avenue in Mt. Washington.


In a city loaded with independent clothing companies, my favorite for a few years has been Aphillyated Apparel. I’ve long respected their unique approach of mixing traditional Philadelphia culture with sports, hip-hop, and street art. I have purchased several shirts from Aphillyated, including a few in which the collaborated with one of my favorite street artists, Get Up Art.  Aphillyated has had their shirts represented by people such as Meek Mill, Questlove, and Jimmy Rollins, and is a true, honest representation of what we in Philadelphia love. Both Aphillyated and I have been looking to collaborate for a while, and this is the culmination of a long time of mutual respect between my site and this company.


Chris: Tell us about your business.

Aphillyated: We are Aphillyated Apparel. We are an innovative apparel company, that grabs the true essence of Philly in every product we sell. We aim to capture everything that makes the City of Brotherly Love great, including the rich history, the unique fashion, and the inspirational art and music. Aphillyated aims to enhance the global view of Philadelphia and provide our customers with high quality, unique clothing.

Chris: Please describe the thought process that occurs when you create a shirt.

APhillyated: When coming up with new designs, the members of Aphillyated use the inspiration that comes from Philadelphia and urban culture. With a significant amount of art in Philadelphia, our beloved sports teams, our rich history, and anything else we see around our city, Aphillyated aims to combine these aspects, creating the most authentic and most innovative designs in our market. As a leading streetwear brand in Philadelphia, our custom designs are loved by not only Philadelphians, but people from all over the world.

Chris: What is the most popular shirt that has been sold through Aphillyated?

Aphillyated: The most popular Aphillyated design, is our LOVE design. The design shows Philly’s famous LOVE statue, composed of the names of Philadelphia neighborhoods. This design is sold in Men’s and Women’s tees, tank-tops, v-neck tees, hoodies and crewnecks sweatshirts.

Chris:  Do think there is something to be said about how t-shirts can be used to promote pride in one’s city?

Aphillyated: At Aphillyated we believe that t-shirts are one of the best ways to represent how much pride one has for their city. From our history, landmarks, art, and sports inspired designs, our products allow people to show off how much they know and love about our city. Aphillyated combines many different aspects of The City of Brotherly Love, into each design, which shows the diversity of our city. When someone is wearing one of our designs and is asked about it, they don’t only spread love for Philly, but knowledge that helps the people of our city to become closer together and closer to their city.

Chris: What are you most proud of with Aphillyated?

Aphillyated: At Aphillyated, we are most proud of our accomplishments in spreading the word on how great of a city Philadelphia is. We believe that Philly is the proudest city in America, and we hold all aspects of our hometown close to our hearts. We are able to provide our customers with clothing that not only looks good, but shows their passion for our city, and that is what empowers us to do what we do everyday.


Thanks to Aphillyated for agreeing to answer my questions. It was a lot of fun collaborating with them for this post. You can see more of their awesome designs on their website.

This is what people see as they commute to work in Philly. 

Hollaback Philly is absolutely doing it right

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Domestic craft beer distribution across the United States

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