Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs

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The Pennsylvania Dutch were actually Germans. Their “hex signs” were painted on barns, carved into furniture, and hammered on to utensils. They were thought to bring luck, love, and abundance. and ward off misfortune such as fire and lightening. Hex signs were originally called “sech circles,” because the first ones all included six-pointed star in a circle. The Pennsylvania Dutch call them “Hexerie” or “Jinks”. They are usually painted in bright colors. These designs are just a few.

  • The Unicorn Hex:  Strength and courage to strive for your goals; virtue; love; faith, hope and charity.
  • The Six-Pointed Lobe Hex: All the kinds of love, and protection of them.
  • The Lucky Star Hex: Each color symbolizes luck, in many things: lucky in love, lucky in fortune, lucky in friendship, lucky in your job, etc. Also protection against fire. 
  • The Oak Leaf Hex: Strength in body, mind, and character. The scalloped border represents smooth sailing in life.
  • The Health Hex: Protection of your health from all disease. The various diseases are represented by different colors in the rosette.
  • The Distlefink Hex: Good Luck, love, and happiness. Often put on new houses: insures a happy household, especially if it has a blue background. The tulips mean faith, hope, and charity.
  • The Triple, Five-Pointed Star of Luck, Love, and Happiness Hex: Also strong protection against fires.

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"Stitched Skyline" by Carol Beth Yoffee. Seen at Most Wanted Fine Art gallery on Penn Avenue in Garfield.


Pennsylvania buildings are so intricate and gorgeous

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YouGoGirl is a person that often blurs the line between graffiti and street art. While the person has done tags from time to time, they also do larger scale jawns such as the image on the left, on the back building of the Divine Lorraine.

Recently, YouGoGirl crossed another boundary, this time into public art, producing this fantastic mural in North Philly. I still have some problems with the practices and etiquette of the Mural Arts Program, but I can’t deny something awesome when I see it.


Sometimes I question why I would ever want to leave #Pennsylvania

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Historical Bedford Village

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Here lie the remains of a Revolutionary War soldier, shot on a neighboring farm during the winter of 1777 and 1778.

Located at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

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A seldom seen view of the Cathedral Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. #lehighvalley #bethlehem #igbethlehem #iglehighvalley #church #pennsylvania #picoftheday #aerial (at Cathedral Church of the Nativity)